Devora Ran
The theme of any creative process: sex, death, love or violence, flows from within us; each represents our existence and is intimately related. And, if sex is inextricably linked to creation, why should we be surprised at it being central to the creation of an artistic project? Let’s not forget that human beings are little more than animals that have evolved far from their origin. What brings us closer to that origin than sex?

Devora Ran conceptualizes “Sex Culture”, providing the concept with form and content. Passionate and non-dogmatic, Devora Ran provides an insight into the movement and gives it a voice. It explores new, and not so new, concepts such as Postporn, Queercore and Dogging, from the point of view of photographers, artists, social activists, graphic designers, illustrators…

“Sex Culture” is far more than meets the eye. We invite you to immerse yourself and discover sex as a form of expression and communication.


Cortney Andrews, Julian Baker, Paloma Blanco, Ruben Brulat, Indiana Caba, Biel Capllonch, Juan Francisco Casas, Shu Lea Cheang, Bob Carlos Clarke, Jean Van Cleemput, Corrado Dalco, Aaron Driggers/Tsurufoto, Margaret Durow, Yamila Fontán, Ed Fox, Oriana Fox, Higinia Garay, Caron Geary, Yulia Gorodinski, Boris Hoppek, Jewboy, Daniel Josefsohn, Rikki Kasso, Cameron Krone, Knotan, Christophe Kutner, Bruce La Bruce, Del LaGrace Volcano, Richard Lawrence y Lauren Olney, Maria Llopis, Erika Lust, Olaf Martens, Mikel Marton, Christian Maury, Sergio Mora, Trish Morrissey, Tamara Muller, Reuben Negron, Rallito X, Pau Ros, Alice Rosati, Conrad Roset, Lina Scheynius, Thomas Schostok / ths, Federico Solmi, Anton Solomoukha, Annie Sprinkle, Tony Stamolis, Roy Stuart, Eveline Tarunadjaja, Rebecca Tillett, Tofer, Twotom, Donatien Veismann, Gilles Vranckx, Eric White, Dan Witz and Xnographics.

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