After enjoying with Afrojack what was the most memorable summer night, this Friday September 18 SuperMartXé presents

Guest star: XIAN QIN



The last Friday, SuperMartXé surprised the thousands and thousands of followers that filled from early the dance floor in Privilege Ibiza, with one of his most spectacular productions of the season.  Like every Friday, clubbers from around the globe eager to discover the secrets hidden by the stage (concealed by a curtain) which it is considered the world’s largest club, according to the Guinness Book of Records.


After the fall of the curtain, the audience gasped at an immense theatrical universe inspired in Las Vegas in honour of the special guest of the evening, and to a staging reigned by a battalion of performers , dancers, acrobats, Air Bike Shows, in addition of a large deployment of Visual Shows and  Special Effects.


Shortly after,  SuperMartXé welcomed on stage the Dutch DJ and producer Afrojack, certainly one of the most influential DJs in the world and for which the promoter had designed a galactic booth of LEDs after which suddenly the artist appeared addressing the audience and exclaiming – « Good night SuperMartXé «- after which he led to his incredible session.


Impossible to stop dancing until two hours after the public surrendered to fire into applause.

If you were you know how incredible what happened; if you missed, we can only tell you that certainly you missed the most memorable summer night on the island.


But do not worry, because with this good taste, machinery that drives the dreams of SuperMartXé has everything ready for the event this September 18, in what will undoubtedly be another spectacular night.

SuperMartXé presents «WÔ ÀINÌ  CHINA»

After invading Chinese with “SuperMartXé Live Tour CHINA 2015” with which they were made 24 events in 28 days, is now China who invades SuperMartXé summer residence in Ibiza.

«WÔ ÀINÌ  CHINA» (I love you China) is the party with which SuperMartXé want to celebrate with all his fans, the happiness that it feels for the reception of this spectacular tour, that has led to what is considered one of the greatest promoters of nightlife and training worldwide, from a modern metropolis such Guangzhou, Luohú or Beijing (capital of China where 20 million people live) to even modern cities but also surrounded by extraordinary natural landscapes as Heyuan or Nanjing.

But as always, SuperMartXé wants to go further, and transporting the audience to the heart of the most exclusive corners of exotic Asian country that has received them so hot,… the purest China.

Because of that, for a truly authentic experience presents the performance of Xian Qin,  one of the best voices in Chinese, winning the best live show, Best female artist and best singer revelation.

And of course the Special Guest,  Brian Cross, and  SuperMartxé Djs. Alex Guerrero, Abel the Kid, Javi Reina, Manuel de Diego, Salva di Nobles and Valcar in addition to the Live Act SuperMartXé queen, Nalaya.


In the Vista Club, Superman receives from the city of lights to a very special Guest Star, Dj  Aurel Devil, Captain of the booth in the legendary Parisian club «Scream».

Beside him, Guéna LG official remixer of Lady Gaga, The Black Eyed Peas, Kylie, Enrique Iglesias or Britney Spears and how could it be otherwise, a special night where will also be the resident DJs of SuperMan: Hugo Sánchez and Leo Blanco


¿ Are you coming with SuperMartXé to experience real China or prefer the playfulness and sensuality of Paris?  ¿ Or both?

SuperMartXé let us blow your mind!


SuperMartXé waits for you this Friday 18, in Privilege Ibiza again. And remember, this Friday, free admission for residents in Ibiza.


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