We are a news agency, public relations, communications and social media marketing, able to make visible, promote and position all kinds of events and cultural projects


From our headquarters in Ibiza, Madrid and Barcelona, we work communicating «with love», local, national or international projects with musical character, especially those related to electronic music, underground and avant-garde (artists, festivals, labels,).


We love the projects related to the world of cinema, art-technology, the Fashion & LifeStyle and even corporate, but those «provided they are magic”.


And we recognize it; we have a weakness for projects whose existential motivation is solidarity.



For that:

– We audit and advise their reputation positioning them in the sector and with social impact. We start from «how I look» to design strategies that correct, position or promote the positive and negative aspects arising from the public image until it can be seen «how I am».

Analyze, plan and manage internal and external communication from the communications department.

«To organize an event 10 and communicate it as an event 5 will generate the perception that we are facing an event 4 or 3 …”

  • For a good internal communication, our objective is: to achieve a fluid communication between different departments and their members, detecting, channelling and sharing (horizontal and vertical) the possible threats, successes and values and making them strong in front of crisis management.

“The best PR project is its team. An effective internal communication creates an integrated and motivated team and achieves that an individual success is valued as a success for the whole community.»

«Do not forget that the team has a lot of information to receive, but also has much to contribute with  information, opinions and suggestions.»

  • For a good external communication, three areas of management will be worked directed to the public, influencers, institutions, sponsors and of course journalists and media,
  • The press department management: the aim of this management will ensure dissemination media, encouraging critical and valuable opinion and ensuring the positioning of «their values and positive messages» generating «a sense of belonging and rootedness» in project.

«We firmly believe that the communication department should be able to convey with each word, the DNA of the project, its origin, how it saw the light and what path has come up until that day.»

  • The management of the Marketing and Advertising Department: The aim will be to define targets and markets and create strategies for advocacy, communication and appropriate to them with a dual mission: sales and a positive image transmission.
  • The Management of Public Relations: the aim is to create synergies with sponsors, institutions, and influencers to generate visibility and a favourable attitude towards the project resulting in increased sales and investments.

“The communication department should make the goals of a Project, the values of this project.”


 Sure you have many things to tell, and from PAT Communications, we can and want to communicate.

We only ask one thing: to believe in your project as much as we will do,  your project must excite and thrill you, you must be ethical with what you do and you must be willing to trust us allowing to be one more in your project.

We truly believe that the responsible for your communication must have an actual involvement in your project, being a fundamental pillar in the construction.»

We have a database of over 8000 contacts segmented into different areas in which we can support you, both nationally and internationally: TV, TV-online. News Agents. Media and General Newspaper printed and online, International, National, and Local.  Online Media: trends, youth, music, artists, cinema, theater, circ, society, lifestyle… Massive Magazines. Specialized Magazines.  Present Magazines. Blogs/ webs and music.  Local, National and International radio programs, specialized and news… and a wide network of journalists, influencers, producers, designers, caterings, stylists and freelance photographers.

We can support at peak times, when any of your actions requiring high visibility, we can design how to launch your project from the beginning, how to plan your communication annually, or even completely change the image of your project.


We create and realize strategic communications, public relations, and media outreach through innovative and creative solutions tailored «to the soul of your project» aimed to «excite and captivate» the target of your audience.


We connect and position your brand and / or project generating a «positive image» of your project; for this we use three weapons: «logic, empathy, and emotion«.




  • Writing and sending press releases in Spanish and English.
  • Development of Press Kit in Spanish and English.
  • Call and management of press conferences.
  • Management of infomercials
  • Consulting and design communication strategies adapted to target the project.
  • Creation, development and management of the communication plan
  • Branding
  • Analysis of Public Image
  • Innovative actions and new trends for communication
  • Planning of media presence
  • Press Spot (launches, presentations)
  • Specific campaigns. (launches, presentations)
  • Events of small and large format: from the cocktail to the festival.
  • Press Conferences / Press Releases / Announcements to media.
  • Compilation of impacts Press / Press Clipping.
  • PR online/offline.
  • Plans of Communication Internal and External
  • Creation and application of new communication strategies and marketing.
  • Notes and editorial adaptations as needed.
  • Management and planning of interviews
  • Call and management for Press Breakfasts
  • Informal meetings with the press
  • Production, design and management of Radio Set at an event.
  • Production, design and management of professionals press areas in an event.
  • Presentations (film, music, fashion…)
  • Call and management of cinematographic Premieres for press
  • Call and management of musical performances for press
  • Creating Budgets for communication (Departments or specific campaigns)
  • Management protocols Photocall
  • Preparation of mailings.
  • Graphics
  • Meet & Great
  • Direct Connection Management for events (Radio and TV)
  • Broadcast and Streaming Services Event
  • Dissemination strategy of news in media.
  • Management of Press Set.
  • Process of management and accreditations set before and during the event.
  • Implementation of media plans.
  • Monitoring and press clipping (spot or yearly).


  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…
  • Email marketing.
  • Study and design of your social networks.
  • Segmentation of your needs.
  • Content Planning and daily updates
  • Design strategies adapted to campaigns.



  • Hosting, creation and website pages design
  • Corporative design on and offline.
  • Corporate identity, catalogues, invitations, brochures, posters, flyers, signage…
  • Large format graphic production required for your event.
  • Corporate videos and animations.
  • Production on stage
  • Production of Casting



  • Management and monitoring in search of artists and program.
  • Cultural program: coordination of lectures, courses, conferences



  • Design of promotion plans offline and online
  • Sponsorship agreements with media
  • Management Development for ticket sales and distribution
  • We work with a number of brands of drinks, fashion, and technology that may be related to your projects. Tell us, we’ll help.


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If you are an NGO or social project, we’d love to support you in your work.

To do this, we want all our actions will come increasingly self-sufficient in your own communication. We know how difficult it is to obtain financial resources for social projects, and we want to help you to achieve the highest percentage possible for your project. To do this, we help you design Newsletter, create your own database, write simple press releases, and design your Awareness Resources dossiers or fundraising for companies. We can also help in communicating with your partners and even design your own internal newsletter.

Contact us:

quetecuentas  @ ptcomunicaciones  . com