The 9NINE IBIZA family confirms the reopening of a new project.



            As Confucius said around the year 551 A.C. “Choose a job you like and you do not have to work a day in your life .» This is ancient, but for us, the quote is «highly topical», what is more, it is our way of life and the hallmark of all our projects, because… we love what we do.”

             Today we have two things to confirm: the first, which we go, the second we return.

 The next 16 and 17 September the family that we are 9nine Ibiza say goodbye after four years of intense and especially rewarding activity. However, for the October 12, we return to the same place to present our new insanity. So…! Record the date on our calendar and stay tuned!


¿ What to say about these four years of 9NINE IBIZA? Well, if something has defined this project has been music (careful! that will always remain our central premise).  Through our booth have passed names like Defex, Andy Baxter, Graham Sahara, Roberto Navarro, Alfredo Hitch, Manu Gonzalez, Los Suruba, Tom Pool, Mucho Muchacho, Jonathan Tena or Oscar Colorado among many others.

Another sign of our identity is which it has been very «our project» result of the concern of who formed it. An unprecedented and pioneering project at the time, which in just weeks it managed to establish itself as the reference meeting point for residents and adopted by the White Island. A mini club, which has been open all year (during four years) and has always breathed the «authentic Balearic spirit» and felt the powerful Ibizan energy. The house where small and large promoters have made their projects vibrate in a different way, taking the pulse directly to the public, connecting differently.

Located in the seaport, from 9NINE IBIZA We have always wanted to offer a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with an excellent service and a varied menu of drinks prepared with great care. Moreover, that, we promise to continue to do so.

9nine 1

Moreover, as Albert Einstein said,  «The distinction between the past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.» Now is time to play again, to surprise you again and to get carried away by new muses that lead us to explore new forms of entertainment, and allow us to keep doing what we like the most our work.

So we wait, the next 16 and 17 September, to say goodbye to which has also been your meeting point. AH! But not before thanking you in advance for all of us; the founders, staff, programmers, public relations, sponsors…! Thank you for these four years, from all of us 9NINE IBIZA!

Moreover, remember, we are leaving, but we will be back!