Ibiza urban art capital this October 2 with the creative battles, Live Painting sessions, joint auction of urban art and the music by DJ Sneak among others Live DJ Sets, in the second date Secret Walls, in his first Spanish edition.

After 7 years and over 1000 battles in 25 countries, arrives Secret Walls x Spain, gathering Skate boards painted by 79 artists (Boris Hoppek, Jordi Labanda, Lolo, BTOY…) in a day full of art, music and solidarity in the natural surroundings of the Hotel Atzaró.



Following the success of Secret Boards exhibition in Miscelanea venue (BCN) from September 25 to 29, gathering the work of more than 75 artists, Secret Walls x Spain, arrives to the white island.

Secret Walls, global platform which aims to promote the free expression of live art and encourage the creation of a universal visual language originating in the Street Art, finally arrives from last week to Spain with a series of events that will concentrate throughout the year, in the cities of Ibiza, Barcelona, and Madrid.

Secret Walls x Spain presents his second “Secret Boards”, this time in Ibiza with an exhibition that brings together the work of 79 artists and creatives from different disciplines on skate boards illustrated in Black and White (essence of all the world Secret Walls events), in the natural setting, rural tourism centre Hotel Atzaró (IBIZA- From 16 to 24h- Free entrance).

Music, urban art and Solidarity:

LIVE DJ Sets: Dj Sneak as ambassador of the date and Dj Aki Yakitori (Cocoon), Abel Pons, Flavio Folco presenting Busker and Dj Sirena.

Secret Boards, has recycled Skate boards and has given up it to tattooists Cisco and Tokio, the graffiti writers  Saturno and Turkesa, the graphic designers Inocuo and Vasava and artists from other disciplines such as Olivia – Boris Hoppek – Dave – Lolo – Sosaku Miyazaki – Chan – Milagros María – Mr Hype – Balu – Cristian Blanxer – Erikkore – Nil Bartolozzi – Flan – El Moy – Julien – Eledu – Adreim Ayav – Fer Casaus – Spogo – Daniel Thomas – Pierre – Kike Mestre – J.Loca – Ilia Mayer – OCabrita – Sakristán – Joaquín Jara – Joan Tarragó – Marga López – Alberto Penado – Sapo – Jyke – Ibie – Pepo – Txemy – Yoshi – Edjinn – Aleix Gordo – Querida –  Adriana Maluquer – Pol Marbán – Mauri Lavayén – Merce Carrera – Pincho – Tori – Tutzo – P.nitas – BTOY – Elno – Javier de Riba –  Splik Malakkai – Manu Rodríguez – Pedro Simon- Dase – Okokume – Ypso – Hombrelopez – Olivia Jorgensen – Rodrigo DC – Jalón de Aquiles – Jordi Labanda – Dyox – Sendys – Gerardo Largo – Santa Sudaka – Fattackairbrush –Kilian Ramírez – Meibol- Vegan Bunnies- Edmbing Art- Dani Tur- Soportearterno o  Jota Paint . Together they have shaped his art in an unusual format as making the skate boards unique.

These pieces will be auctioned, donating part of those revenues to the Fondo para la Conservación de Ibiza organization that promotes the conservation of nature and the sustainability of Ibiza and Formentera, supporting priority environmental initiatives of local NGOs or other Spanish groups trying to influence Spanish development policies affecting the “Pitiusas” islands. The main areas of work of this organization are: nature and biodiversity, protection of the land, water and institutional strengthening of NGOs.

Secret Walls x Spain: Urban Art + Innovation + Inspiration + Creativity + Multicultural + Originality + Solidarity.

Brief alphabet of “Secret Boards” artists ( Ibiza)

Cisco http://ltwtattoo.com/tattoo/artistas/cisco/

Saturno http://www.saturnoags.com/

Turkesa http://www.turkesart.com/

Inocuo http://www.inocuothesign.com/

Vasava http://www.vasava.es/

Olivia http://www.flickr.com/photos/0livia/

Boris Hoppek http://www.borishoppek.de/

Dave http://www.inocuothesign.com/

Lolo http://lolofonico.com/

Cristian Blanxer http://www.cristianblanxer.com/

Erikkore http://erikkore.tumblr.com/

Nil Bartolozzi http://umeart.tumblr.com/

Flan http://www.flan.cat/

El Moy https://www.facebook.com/elmoybook

Ilia Mayer https://www.facebook.com/ilia.mayer.9?fref=ts

Joaquin Jara http://www.joaquinjara.net/

Sakristán http://www.sakristan.com/

Aleix Gordo http://www.aleixgoho.com/

BTOY http://www.btoy.es/

P.nitas http://pnitas.es/

Malakkai http://www.malakkai.es/

Santa Sudaka http://www.santasudaka.portfoliobox.me/about

Olivia Jorgensen http://olivia-jorgensen.blogspot.com.es/

Dyox http://dyox.es/

Javier de Riba www.javierderiba.com

Spogo http://www.carlosgarci.es/

Jalón de Aquiles http://www.enjalonate.blogspot.com

Kike Mestre https://www.facebook.com/kike.mestre

Yoshi http://yoshisislay.com/

Adriana Maluquer http://adrianamaluquer.wordpress.com/

Vegan Bunnies http://vegan-bunnies.blogspot.com.es/

Ibie http://www.ibie.es/

Meibol http://meibolbcn.blogspot.com.es/






 DESCÁRGATE FOTOS http://www.flickr.com/photos/cocoshots/sets/72157635914147405/

SECRET WALLS x Spain x Atzaró - Flyer reverso