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With its crafted trajectory of programs, plotted with flow and intensity in equal measure, connecting international luminaries with local and Québec artists, the ninth edition of MUTEK Barcelona has puzzled all the final pieces together for its ninth edition running March 7-10.

Acclaimed Montréal composer and performer Kara-Lis Coverdale completes an eclectic and vibrant program at the Fabrica Estrella Damm that also includes electrifying live sets from Caterina Barbieri, Bliss Signal, Ziúr and more. Look out for surprise acts to join the outdoor space at the venue — which already promises a range of atmospheres for discriminating listeners, friendly encounters and places to congregate for festival goers.

The festival’s commitments to networks, interconnectivity and exchange culminate in another strong showing by Canadian and Québec artists, dominant in the audiovisual fields and supported by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Embassy of Canada in Spain. Following on last year’s Inter_Connect program in Montréal which saw a day of showcases focussed on Barcelona, the mandate continues. Herman Kolgen’s reimagining of Steve Reich in his audiovisual work Train Fragments will come to thunderous life when it is performed by the Catalan Frames Percussion ensemble comprised of members and students from the renowned ESMUC music school in Barcelona.


Global connections go even further afield this year to include a free showcase by Iranian experimental artists Siavash Amini, Idlefon & Amir B. Ash, representing Tehran’s Set Festival and presented by the ImaginCafé on Friday March 9. Known for cultivating avant-garde musics from the Middle East, Set Festival has been acting as a link between European innovators and its own rich local scenes.

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DIGI LAB  at Mazda Space and Fabrica Damm

Conferences, Workshops and Dublab radio broadcasts

Always concerned with demystifying technological processes and tools with workshops and presentations, and bringing artists and experts into conversation with each other and the local scene, both Fabrica Estrella Damm and the Mazda Space host professional daytime activities during the festival.

MUTEK.ES / EXPERIENCE by Estrella Damm from MUTEK Barcelona on Vimeo.

On March 8, a series of conferences at the Mazda Space will unfold, with Anna Mastrolitto leading discussions that tackle the complex relationship between the creative industries and the local Barcelona context, particularly how creativity and artistic life intermingle with business, how other cities manage and adapt, and how women in the creative industries see the future after a tumultuous year of attention to gender issues.

Get up close and personal with artist presentations from Herman Kolgen and Protopixel on March 9th again at Mazda Space, that will reveal the ingenuity and invention at the heart of their work.

On Saturday, the Fabrica Estrella Damm hosts a full day of talks, presentations, live sets and talks as part of the DIGI_MRKT program which will be hosted by Barcelona´s online radio platform, Dublab. Interviews, music and on-site panels will be broadcast all day.

There will also be a demo area set up by Cut-Off Audio to test and play with new synths and tech-toys


Surprises, Pop-ups and More

Secret shows, unannounced artists and beguiling pop-up events will be announced regularly on social media throughout the festival, offering new ways to engage with new corners of the city, interact with the community, and upend expectations. This year’s gastronomical route, the festival’s curated guide to the local restaurant scene, literally connects with the terrain, hoping to provide another way for festival goers to experience even more sensual elements of Barcelona’s scene.


Acknowledgements: Estrella Damm, Mazda, La Vanguardia, Reebok , Jägermeister, Consell des Arts et des Lettres du Quebec, Institut Francais, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Institut Ramon Llull, Nitsa/Astin, Laut, La Vanguardia, Radio3 _ Rne, Resident Advisor, Dj Mag España, Beatburguer, Clubbingspain, Parkett (IT) , TiU, OHM-Mag, Good2b, Urban MAGZ, Blograma FM, Dod Magazine, Denso Mag, TST So i Llums, Microfusa.


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