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Flits is the ultimate live music and video streaming platform for mobile devices whose content is generated by artists, concertgoers and music lovers all around the world.

Our main mission is to deliver amazing live music experiences and to make people discover what’s happening around them. Looking for some great concerts, listening sessions or club nights in your city? Just open the app and search for your location.

Through Flits we want to allow our users to go beyond the limitations of ‘traditional’ live streaming by giving them the opportunity to broadcast a live music performance with high-quality audio and – the best part – using just their smartphone.

When using Flits expect to find hip and modern venues, exclusive intimate concerts, hidden underground basements. Keep up with the latest trends in your local nightlife in the easiest possible way. We love those magical live moments and we want you to get the most out of them by enjoying the best of urban, contemporary music from jazz sessions to experimental DJ sets.



Flits app is available for free worldwide, in English and Spanish language, on both iOS App Store and Android Google Play.

Key innovative features on Flits mobile app include:

  • Explore section.

A virtual place where anyone can search for venues, artists and users all around the world. Want to see what’s happening in sunny Barcelona? Fancy listening to a jazz concert in London? Just type the name of the city in the search string to find out what’s happening in its vibrant nightlife. If you feel lazy, it’s OK. You can also Discover Music in random mode or explore the latest content from our channels without getting off the sofa. Do you feel #Alternative, #Latin or #Blues? If you are looking for the perfect concert to match your current mood, just search for live performances using our Hashtags of a genre.

  • High-quality sound merge.

Music freaks out there – we hear you. We love music, too, and who knows better than us the importance of a great audio quality and the difference it makes when enjoying a live performance? This is why we introduced in Flits app the option to merge user-generated videos with real high fidelity sound. How does it work? When you begin streaming at a Flits-equipped live concert, your mobile device will automatically connect to the mix from the sound desk and your live stream will then be synched with the HQ audio coming from the mixing board.

  • Live streaming and video-on-demand.

Few facts about our modern lifestyle seem more unarguable than how busy every one of us is (or seems to be). If you miss the live streaming of your favorite artist’s session, no worries. When navigating through Flits content you will have the ability to access both live and VOD performances. You can save videos in your list and watch them later. Simple as that.

  • User interface designed to encourage social engagement.

 Ironically, in this digital age where we are all connected, it’s much easier to feel alone. We like to think we are a great community – even when we don’t know each other, our passion for music sticks us together. We are here to prove the emotional and social power of music and we want each Flits user to be social, in a healthy way. You can share, like and comment videos, follow other users, channels and hashtags, create a personal profile. If your Facebook friends have Flits, you can follow them. If they don’t have Flits yet, that’s the right moment. (Remind them it’s free.)



 We are extremely proud to introduce you to our official brand ambassadors, three international artists with incredible talent, motivation and personalities:


Gala is an Italian pop singer, songwriter and photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. Best known for her multi-awarded singles Freed from Desire, Let a Boy Cry and Come Into My Life – which reached the Top 3 in music charts across Europe, South America, Russia and the Middle East – Gala is an iconic figure of the contemporary dance music scene. Gala left Italy as a teenager and landed in Manhattan, where soon after made her debut in the music scene, blissfully unaware of the success that would follow. Gala released three albums, several EPs and has sold over six million records worldwide. She is also the founder of her own Matriarchy Records label.


 The young and talented Hien is an indietronica singer, songwriter and producer born and based in Budapest. Her sound is characterised by ethereal, hypnotic textures and down-tempo electronic atmospheres. In her own channel on Flits, app users will have the opportunity to access to exclusive content from Hien live shows and enjoy an unique and unforgettable sonic experience thanks to her gypsy folkloric melodies and soulful, minimalist vibes. Having been born into a Vietnamese family in Hungary resulted in an interesting mix of cultural influences on the artist. Hien has released two electro-pop albums so far and has performed in various cities across Europe, Asia and the United States.

Soo Wincci

 The Malaysian artist Soo Wincci is the most multifaceted person that we have ever met: singer, recording artist, actress, composer, beauty queen and entrepreneur. Recently graduated from Valencia’s Berklee College of Music, she also holds a PhD in business administration. Soo started her musical career in 2009 with the launch of her first self-composed singing album Soo Wincci. In 2017 she wrote, composed and produced her pop song I Am X A Loser, which obtained over half a million views on YouTube and made her an outstanding celebrity of Malay pop music.


Do you want to be the next Flits ambassador?

Flits wants to award its most active users by making them its new brand ambassadors. This means the winners will gain extra money, get concert and festival tickets and…we will bring extra visibility to their profiles within the app.

How can you participate? On November 20th we will post on our  Facebook e Instagram   the terms and conditions of the competition. If you want to be one of the next Flits ambassadors, stay tuned next Tuesday!


 Founded from an idea of Martin Erler, Flits is an international company based in Germany. The initial idea behind the app came a few years ago thanks to an inspiring trip to New York City.

Diversity is a key asset within our organization, whose multicultural team of tech and music lovers is made up of people from six different nationalities – a structure that reflects Flits’ desire to push geographical boundaries. This is the main reason how and why the company’s motto was born: We empower people to be boundless.

Among Flits team we have a Latin Grammy awarded musician, two Berklee College of Music alumni, a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, a 20-year experience IT evangelist, a veteran video streaming engineer… We like jazz, rock, electronic and pop all the same.


 At Flits we will never get tired of saying how much we believe in people, music, and technology. Our company is born from the idea of connecting the people and concerts spread all around the world, in order to transcend geographic boundaries and give people the power to experience new music and places that normally wouldn’t be accessible. ‘We empower people to be boundless’ is our motto.

There are values on which we pride ourselves at Flits:

  • We believe in respect, in being authentic and genuine with our opinions. We all have an equal say, we listen with an open mind and value each opinion.
  • The recognition is a key asset in Flits culture. Pay tribute is essential for us. Our spotlight shines on anyone within the team that deserves credit. We always appreciate and congratulate.
  • We embrace innovation as a way to encourage growth and constant learning. It’s an infinite journey. We’re constantly moving forward, always generating new ideas. To stay proactive is the best way to be ready for what’s coming next.



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