• Unique proposals from local, national and international artists,  spread across four days of free concerts, DJ sessions, jam sessions and a percussion workshop for the littlest ones on the island.
  • Jorge and Jesús Pardo with ‘ElectroDjinn’, Pere Navarro, Okou, Irene Atienza, Midi Jazz Club, DJ Panko and DJ Professor Angel Dust make up the #FJF2018 line-up.


For the fourth year in a row, the paradise island of Formentera will once again be inundated with jazz from 31 May to 3 June with the arrival of the Formentera Jazz Festival, a festival that is committed to the elegance and freedom of jazz music.

With the support of the Consell Insular, and upon the initiative of musician and cultural producer Maxwell Moya, this fourth year of the festival combines, once again, the energy, art and music of both new and acclaimed artists from the local, national and international scene.

Following its usual line focused on jazz fusion, boosting several of its aspects, including electronic jazz, the Formentera Jazz Festival will have Jorge and Jesús Pardo on its stage with their ‘ElectroDjinn’ project, Pere Navarro, Okou, Irene Atienza, Midi Jazz Club, DJ Panko (formerly Ojos de Brujo) and DJ Professor Angel Dust.

  • The day to day of #FJF2018:

Thursday, 31 May:

Just as in previous years, Thursday night will be a relaxed musical encounter, in which some of the artists participating in the festival will improvise on stage, presenting the contents and welcoming each new year of the festival. What’s new this year is that the backdrop will be the sea, and with the excuse of getting warmed up and creating a first encounter between artists and the public, we will celebrate the opening ceremony of the fourth Formentera Jazz Festival at one of the festival’s iconic spots: the gorgeous amphitheatre of Blue Bar on Migjorn Beach.

Friday, 1 June:

Pere Navarro, a trumpet player from Ibiza with a promising career ahead, will be in charge of opening the show on the first night in June, at the weekend and to be the first to perform on the festival’s main stage.

After him, Okou, the duo based in Berlin and Paris, comprised by Tatiana Heintz and Gilbert Trefzger, whose sound odyssey will transport us through different sounds of the continents of Africa and Europe. And closing the night will be DJ Panko (formerly Ojos de Brujo), with his DJ set.

Saturday 2 June:

The day will begin at 5 PM with the Junior Percussion Workshop, given by the musician and festival director Maxwell Moya. A family event, with which, like every year, the festival wants to bring the youngest festival-goers and their families closer to the most basic principles of jazz through a workshop on improvised percussion instruments.

Later into the night, again from the Plaza San Francisco Xavier stage, we will see the singer and composer from Santander, based in Brazil, Irene Atienza. With her powerful voice and interpretation, Atienza, tours the world as part of shows with diverse formats that shifts mainly between flamenco, bolero and other Latin American genres, in addition to her own productions, compositions mix music from the Brazilian repertoire with flamenco rhythms.

It’s an honour for the festival to have the great saxophonist and flautist Jorge Pardo, who will perform for the first time in Baleares together with his brother Jesús with their new electronic jazz project, ‘ElectroDjinn’.

Although it shares the sound aesthetics of Jorge Pardo’s previous (but recent) projects, ElectroDjinn’ delves into the essence of electronic music at the hands of recent technologies, without forgetting the best of flamenco singing and jazz, the artist’s musical roots, providing a result beyond the confines of the artist’s known musical boundaries.  With mastery in the composition of both and his unmistakable interpretation of the flute and saxophone; Jorge, a feverish alchemist, will use his music to transport us on an incessant journey towards the unknown, with improvisation and spontaneous creation as the premise. For this special performance, we will also have the collaboration of the percussionist Luís Amador.

After this special premier, and like every year, Max Moya will lead the traditional rendezvous of electronics with jazz, together with the percussion and bases, with surprise guests for the occasion, under the name  Midi Jazz Club.

And closing the night will be the Mexican DJ who settled in Barcelona, known as DJ Professor Angel Dust.  This artist, who was only 18-years-old when he debuted on the Canadian electronic scene, playing in the main clubs of Toronto and combining his work as a producer and musician, arrived in Barcelona in the mid-eighties, and since then he has played in all the country’s main clubs and festivals. With his eclectic style behind his turntable, combing breakbeat, electro, latin, hip hop, drum´n´bass and jungle, fused with a lot of funk, we are sure that those who attend the Formentera Jazz Festival will not be able to stop dancing until the early hours at the mythical Plaza San Francisco Xavier.

Sunday, 3 June:

If we had the sea as the backdrop on the opening night, we must expect nothing less for the closing night. To do this, for the first time, the restaurant Chez Gerdi located in Es Pujols, is added as a stage for the Formentera Jazz Festival, hosting one of the most special and vibrant moments of the festival.

Just like every year, on the last night, the Formentera Jazz Festival invites all the musicians on the island (professionals and amateurs) to participate in a great jam session, in which improvisation, the essence of jazz music, is the only guiding principle. The result? Pure magic!

Countdown to the fourth Formentera Jazz Festival.





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