Andy Warhol, Antoni Tàpies, Francis Bacon, Georges Braque, Joan Miró, Karel Appel, Man Ray, Salvador Dalí, Anne Roig, Banksy, Befaco, Boris Hoppek, Btoy, Dave Cooper, Gino Rubert and Miss Van among many others come together at Kronos Art Festival BCN 2018.

Painting Sculpture – Photography Cinema Installations – Music Video Art

Festival from October 18th until 28th – Arts Santa Mònica (BCN)


Ant Comunicación Visual brings us the first edition of Kronos Art BCN; a multidisciplinary festival of contemporary art that explores the passage of time through the artwork of national and international creators who represent the PAST, the PRESENT and the FUTURE of Art.

Kronos Art BCN festival will take place at the cultural center Arts Santa Mònica  (La Rambla, 7) in Barcelona, between October 18th and 28th. The opening ceremony will commence on October 18th while the exhibition will remain open until the closing ceremony on October 28th. In addition, the festival has a program of guided tours, on the 19th, 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th of October.

During October 18th, 20th, 21st, 27th and 28th, Kronos Art BCN Festival offers a wide range of free activities: workshops, concerts, live paintings, performances, installations, documentaries and short films, video art, etc. (See Program)


In this first edition, glancing through the PAST, we will find works from great artists of the artistic movements which changed the conception of art. These artists include: Andy Warhol, Antoni Tàpies, Francis Bacon, Georges Braque, Joan Miró, Karel Appel, Man Ray, Nam June Paik, Oteiza, Salvador Dalí, Sonia Delaunay and Wolf Vostell.

In the PRESENT we will find artworks by contemporary artists who stand out for their influence and commitment to generating a change in the art of the past, inspiring and evolving towards a new future of art. These artists include: Anne Roig, Banksy, Befaco, Boris Hoppek, Btoy, Dave Cooper, Gino Rubert, Ilia Mayer, Jarmo Lampela, Joaquín Jara, Justin Case, Kenor, Luis Gordillo, Martí Ruids, Miss Van, Pablo Milicua, Ramón Maiden, Victor Castillo and Victor Jaenada, among others.

The FUTURO will be commissioned by the children of primary education who are invited to participate in this first edition of Kronos Art BCN. They will be in charge of giving us their interpretation of the passage of time. A perfect opportunity both for them and for us to be able to see and express, without filters, the same reality.

In short, “time” has been, is now, and will be vital for the history of art and its evolution. Art movements are able to break with the past, condition our perception of art in the future, and excite us in the present.

Kronos Art BCN, invites us to take a walk to this particular journey through important artworks, in which formats, epochs, techniques, genres, styles and disciplines are combined, and in which linear time is disordered, opening before us a portal of time in Art.


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KRONOS ART BCN 2018 from Oaky on Vimeo.



Artists List KRONOS ART BCN 2018


  • Andy Warhol
  • Antoni Tàpies
  • Francis Bacon
  • Georges Braque
  • Joan Miró
  • José Luis Cuevas
  • Karel Appel
  • Kumi Sugai
  • Man Ray
  • Nam June Paik
  • Oteiza
  • Salvador Dalí
  • Sonia Delaunay
  • Wolf Vostell



  • Banksy
  • Boris Hoppek
  • Bubbles
  • Btoy
  • Dave Cooper
  • Fabrizio Contarino
  • Gino Rubert
  • Ilia Mayer
  • Ledián Fernández Lopez
  • Luis Gordillo
  • McBess
  • Miss Van
  • Ramon Maiden
  • Victor Castillo
  • Victor Jaenada
  • Vincent de Mestra


  • Anne Roig
  • Damian Pissarra
  • Justin Case
  • Miquel Arnal
  • Patricio Cassinoni
  • Tentesion


  • Joaquín Jara
  • Lúcido Costelo
  • Juan Carlos Valdiviezo Ramirez
  • Kenir
  • Martí Ruids
  • Pablo Milicua
  • Ramon Guimaraes


  • Befaco
  • Boris Hoppek
  • Ivan Axerio
  • Julia Dierickx-Brax
  • Wü::


  • Bistu Ryx
  • Doma Tornados
  • Doppler
  • Fame Chimica
  • Joaquín Jara
  • Martí Ruids
  • neOanderthal
  • Pablo Taladro
  • Ramon Guimaraes


  • Erik Rocha (CINEMA NOVO)
  • Jarmo Lampela (Alma de Sant Pere)
  • Javier Polo (Europe in 8 Bits)
  • Luis Fernandez (In thriller Moment & 48hz Sound Interference)
  • Simón Hernández (PIZARRO)


  • «Victor Castillo’s Hollywood Dreams»
  • Director Matias Rivera & Pedro Pablo Celedon


  • Albert Merino – La Pequeña Lluvia (06m 00s)
  • Andi Pils & Bruno Peláez – The Super Mutant Wrestlers (01m 52s)
  • Clara Aparicio Yoldi – Ram City (06m 00s)
  • Cristina Pavesi – Freedom (05m 15s)
  • David Catá – A flor de piel (03m 28s)
  • Davinia Martínez – Pereza (04m 35s)
  • Espacio cuántico – Efialtes (04m 46s) Juan Belmonte
  • Evaristo Benitez – Deus ex Machina (01m 44s)
  • Fátima Tocornal – El Encuentro (03m 31s)
  • Fran Blanes – Wo-man (04m 58s)
  • Laura Celada – Princess Dream (06m 26s)
  • Liz K. Peñuela – Desesperanzada (03m 00s)
  • Miguel Andrés – System (04m 49s)