CR 009 is first Chaval Records release in this 2014 about which moves loaded with new references and projects.  Called Livernoise Avenue and mentored by Orlando Voorn, located Chaval Records again , with a tribute to the city of Detroit and the situation in which they live. Victor Santana join  and also pays tribute to where he was born : Carabanchel.


Livernoise Avenue is one of the most dangerous sections, not just of Detroit, if not all U.S. It is a critical area of a city that already lives in a perennial crisis and a percentage of unemployed and racial clashes that make it easy gun area. Perhaps for this reason, the Dutch producer Orlando Voorn, which reissued the Madrid label after his past contribution to the catalog of the Seven series, has decided to title one of his tracks on the EP, ‘For the love’. The producer has lived in Detroit and knows that techno was born to give a voice, without a word, to the disinherited. He knows well that techno spread the word and the love.  Techno is still a reference for those that are seeking the utopian social peace. And Victor Santana, who has also been to Detroit, gives the replica with ‘Carabanchel’, a reminiscent of Detroit in Madrid.



 Víctor Santana -Carabanchel

Victor Santana unleashed more than ever. We notice that he is playing at home. Carabanchel, the place where Santana helds his studio.  The recording studio where Chaval Records dreams are molded. The place were screaming divas invite to the party. A track that surfs between waves of ecstasy and it reminds house productions of the early 90s. It is the party of the neighborhood. The party of the street. Carabanchel-Detroit…to heaven.

Orlando Voorn- Essence of houseThe essence of  house is in the connection between body and mind. The link that connects your heart with your head while dancing to the beat of a four by four well marked. A keyboard that breaks in the middle of a jungle of beats to remind us that in essence house is what makes us beat. And to us that makes us happy is that tune. Essential house. Essential beat.

Orlando Voorn- For the love

The strings, the set and the cadence of the ‘For the Love’ show us Orlando Voorn among the best techno classic producers of this planet. A haven of peace that comes from another world and that seems ideal for logging or to finish a night in flight and space planning. ‘For the love’ is the best tracks that a veteran producer could make. A veteran producer who shoots lucid counterpoint to the incessant noise out there. For the love is for the soul.

Orlando Voorn- For the love (Víctor Santana remix)

If Orlando Voorn shows us what is floating in a soup of bread, Victor Santana’s remix of ‘For The Love’ is handled in a more bubbly spirit than the original track. The spaniard returns to resort to other sampled voices that open to the festive spirit of some insistent keyboards. Maybe a  reminiscent of a fetish item in this techno like the Good Life’s Inner City. And that’s good. Very good. Victor’s remix is a spur stuck in your ass to move. You’ll want to  ride in galactic prairies. Then, a break comes as a big black hole and then you stay orbiting in a galaxy that could be called happiness. Victor Santana in a sweet moment. And that’s good. Very good.

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