Next edition March 7-10, 2018

Blind Passports on Sale Thursday, November 2!

 Return of the Mazda DIGI_LAB Series November 18,2017

Following on last year’s lively 8th edition of MUTEK in Barcelona, the festival has started to plot out its next multi-day, multi-venue extravaganza, taking place across the city from March 7-10, 2018. As has come to be expected from the festival, the program will feature premieres, Spanish debuts, new collaborations, spectacular audiovisual presentations, and as always, an emphasis on live electronic performances that underline and celebrate contemporary creation. Next year promises special projects from Québec and Canadian artists, international luminaries and showcases from Catalan and local talents. First names and contours of another adventure dedicated to intersections between art, music and technology, and to creating dialogue and consolidating connections in the community, will be released in the coming weeks. For the faithful though, blind passports are on sale at a reduced rate from Thursday, November 2.

Coming off a full year of new and international projects, 2017 saw the creativity of Barcelona highlighted in the program of MUTEK in Montréal as part of the 4-city Inter_Connect project, which featured a dedicated day of activities including conferences and daytime and night-time performances. Special thanks to Ajuntament de Barcelona and Institut Ramon Llull for their support, and to all the performers and professionals who participated!



DIGI_LAB by Mazda series starts on November 18th

At home, the festival expanded its annual footprint of events with the launch of the Mazda DIGI_LAB series focussing on intimate audiovisual arts, technology and conferences. A standout during MUTEK Montréal this August, British artist Graham Dunning brings his kinetic, turntable sculptures and mechanical techno performance to the season’s first event on November 18.  The series continues January 20, February 17 and March 8 and 9 during the festival!

Graham Dunning:


 DIY scientist, installation artist and musical maverick Graham Dunning is obsessed with dust, scratches, the detritus of cultural artifacts and dismantling techno. Using a variety of media including found tape, dubplates, field recordings and hacked electronic devices, he makes music in a variety of styles but he is most known for what he calls mechanical techno. This technique includes tracks built from loops created by stacking doctored vinyl and dubplates on a single turntable and using electrical contacts to trigger instruments from synths and cowbells to woofers removed from speaker systems.


Call for Submissions for Artists Residing in Barcelona!

 Catalan and Spanish artists are the heart and soul of every MUTEK edition and the festival seeks submissions for live performance, audiovisual and installation works. Projects by artists currently residing in Barcelona can be sent to :submissions email The deadline to present the projects is December 1st, 2017.

 MUTEK Barcelona wishes to sincerely thanks its partners and collaborators: Estrella Damm, Mazda, La Vanguardia, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Institut Ramon Llull, Bureau de Quebec, Institut Francais, Nitsa/Astin, Resident Advisor, SigloXXI – Radio3/Rne, Clubbingspain,  TiU, BeatBurguer, Blograma FM,  Parkett Channel, Dod Magazine.



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