An open album in which he presents us with a collection of eleven songs that refer to the best of electronic dance music, threadbare electro techno and the most muscular and amphetamine disco music. 

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6xyears is not exactly an upstart or a producer who just started in the dance music business. The Barcelona-born-experienced in a thousand battles, clubs, afters and reafters- is a great connoisseur of electronic dance music, not in vain he has spent more than 15 years producing beats specially designed to let it go, float and dream on any kind of stage and place. His thing is all-terrain electronics, which can sound so loud when the sun rises, or when night falls (everything looks the same in the dark, remember). 

6xyears works his music from the most inhospitable corner of his subconscious and transmits it to us without filters. His sound never comes typecast in a standard, instead all his influences make 6xyears navigate in his own waters and consequently he manages to transmit us rage, anger, fear and infinity of feelings with his music that comes from the soul and goes to the heart.

In his new album, ‘The Last Thinks’, 6xyears demonstrates his absolute control of tempo and beat (always full of punch and rage), seasoning both with an extreme taste for vocal melody closer to cadenced post punk, melody-friendly electro, and narcotic oneirism. Music to tighten jaws and dance with your eyes closed. 

The single from the album, titled ‘It’s Over has a video clip included (see here), for which 6xyears has once again entrusted the musician and filmmaker Carlsed. 

Enjoy the videoclip here

Mastered by Alex Psaroudakis, NYC based engineer and winner of 1 Grammy Award and 11 Latin Grammy nominations. 

«The album in general has techno tints and there are tracks that are danceable and others that are not so much, but the idea of the album is that it is an open album that expresses things. That it expresses feelings and says things, above all that it leads us to an internal reflection, that it invites us to make an analysis of ourselves, to find ourselves. And that is also a fight against falsehood, against hypocrisy, against the inner struggles that we all have in our daily lives» – Explains 6xyears.

A collection of songs that refer to the best of dancefloor electronic music, threadbare electro techno and the most muscular and amphetamine disco music.

A new demonstration that within electronic music – either focused to the dancefloor or destined to less physical aims – not everything is yet said, nor listened nor danced, as it is more than patent in this new delivery of one of the most thriving and eclectic record labels of Spain, No Where «

 «From the album in general we can expect sincerity, memories, techno, electronica like Boards of Canada that you put on after a great fuck, rage, colors and above all sincerity…. I already said that, didn’t I?” – concludes 6xyears. 

«The Last Thinks» is now available on platforms through the artist’s own label No Where. Label in which since its birth last March 2020 in Barcelona, has published among others, artists such as Javier Bayon (collaborator of artists like Pharrell Williams or Oscar nominee Javier Navarrete), in what was his debut album as  Meno ‘Make A Funk Noise Here’; or Sistema, withSome Bones Noise’.


6xyears – The Last Thinks

  1. Bitbox
  2. Real Music
  3. Cabaret Dark
  4. Fake
  5. God Pocket
  6. Doll Choice
  7. Clock
  8. Felter Home
  9. Flyer
  10. Miss Load
  11. It’s Over

Artists: 6xyears
Title: The Last Thinks
Catalog No.: NW005LP
Genre: Electronic | Techno
Label: No Where
Release date: 2021-02-05,

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