• Next Friday 16 May the association LA MÚSICA ES LA LLAVE will be officially presented in the Hotel Santos Coast Club.
  • La música es la Llave is a social and non-profit-making association which, through music, aims to help people with physical and/ or mental problems, and/ or with other needs or lacks.
  • Renowned artists, such as AB García, Xavi Arak, Tania Moon and Juan Muver, will be the contributors to this key at the presentation party.

  We hereby aim to present the Association La Música es la Llave to society in general, and in particular, to people from Ibiza in the Hotel Santos Coast Club, located in Playa d’en Bossa, on 16 May.

La Música es la Llave arises with the aim to help people with physical and/ or mental problems, or with other needs or lacks through music. La música es la Llave is a bridge between associations, organizations, solidarity movements, foundations and private initiatives to develop solidarity programmes, projects and services in different disciplines and cultures, which are secular and apolitical, in the interests of greater social cohesion and peace, tolerance, solidarity, dialogue, social and environmental sustainable development, fostering work and social insertion especially for the most disadvantaged sectors in our society, and, in particular, for people with physical and mental functional diversity.

A language understood by everybody: music. Music will always be the main figure in our association.

We need people who, with their music inspiration, can make the best notes sound, notes capable of building better lives; people who can contribute with one of the most important keys in the world: a life. And, for this occasion, we have the unconditional collaboration of the association APNEEF, the Hotel Santos Coast Club and great artists from the musical scene in Ibiza who will make us dance to the strains of solidarity.

La música es la Llave hopes to grow and strengthen as an association linked to music and great artists who, through their music, allow us to reach as many people as possible, with the aim to build better lives for those people in need of them.

To start this “adventure”, we have organized an event which will take place in the Hotel Santos Coast Club, a great ally to La Música es la Llave and committed to this initiative. During the event we will enjoy the music played by the great DJs, contributors to this first key, AB García, Xavi Arak, Tania Moon, and Juan Muver, who will perform a special electronic music set live with a violin.

The event starts from 7 p.m. on, and those present will have all the information related to the association and the chance to collaborate with this initiative.

The collected donations will be in aid of APNEEF, a non-profit-making association in the Balearic Islands whose concern are children up to 18 with special learning needs, or with physical, mental, sensory and/ or cognitive disability. Its aim is to improve those children’s development and evolution, and to increase their life quality and social integration through specialized programmes, psychomotor therapy, therapy with horses, multiple sensory stimulation, hand therapy workshops, hydrotherapy, as well as through any other kinas of therapy helping to stimulate and rehabilitate.


It is a solidarity event where those present will take part by donating €3 as an entrance ticket, which will be entirely donated to these causes.


For more information about the event, visit , and

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Note to editors


Friday 16 May from 7 p.m. to midnight.

Invitation: HotelSantosCoast Club

C/ Bruc, 3, 07817, Playa d’en Bossa, the Balearic Islands.