VISTA CLUB a new beginning with the best sound of the underground.

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 A taste of Vista Club LineUp

 Paul Ritch ’s productions and performances, characterised by his powerful and harmonic techno with a touch of pure emotive soul, represent his true signature sound – the one that has projected him to global recognition.  Following a string of finely crafted Minus EPs (And Answer, Neural Block and Eye Contact), Gaiser has become one of the most exciting and sought after producers of his generation. With an instinctive feel for the intricate mechanics of minimalist sound sculpture, his music contains the perfect balance between rhythmical energy and sonic finesse and nowhere is this more apparent than on his thunderous debut album Blank Fade. Technisia b2b Dosem will be sure one the #highlights of the night. Sunrise will be welcomed with techno bombs from the cabin of these friends. As a team-friends are spanish duo Los Suruba. They have enjoyed a meteoric rise to the upper floor of the underground house music scene and along the way have rocked crowds with fluid and versatile house and promise a night not to be missed at  Vista Club. An unstoppable Elio Riso return to the Vista Club cabin after closing the 20th anniversary of Privilege in 2013 to delight all of us.

 Vista Club & Vista Blue hosted by The Pharm

The whole essence of The Pharm will be discovered for the first time in the Vista Club on May 30th. Also in charge of the decoration, a sample of their residents during the night as Arian + Anika Kunst + Dcelis + Isbel & jon + Joshel + Taia + Rickzor & Rumme will advance what will be the party every Saturday. For Vista Blue: Ignacio Morales Pedro Vicario b2b  scheduled for this special date.

The Pharm is the new party that will be hosted Vista Club for the desired Saturday night slot. THE PHARM is about frequencies, vibes and all kinds of invisible but real experiences, and a massive improvement of the sound equipment is an essential part of the deal. It´s a laboratory for sonic scientists and passionate music lovers who want to feel the sound with all it´s warmth, depth and soul. #Ibiza#Essence #EverySaturday

Main Room Line-Up Coming soon. #30thmay #SaveTheDate