«Cante, baile y toque» with Jorge Pardo, Lin Cortés, Jaco Abel, Luis Amador “Pata Negra”, Matilde González “La Mati”, Enrique Piculabe,  Julián Heredia, Irene “La Sentío”, Barba2  with  Joselín Vargas and Josué Ronkío, Gino & Jiri , DJ Al Varo from Radio Babylonia and DJ Giuliano Mateo from Lailo Lolailo, a Flamenco day full of music, dance, film and workshops, performances, dance, street theater and visual from the Parque Reina Sofía in Dalt Vila.


Festival-de-Flamenco-ibiza-2015The next August 15, Ibiza introduces a large cast of Maestros, singers, dancers, drummers, percussionists and guitarists coming from different parts of the world to celebrate the first edition of FESTIVAL FLAMENCO IBIZA World Heritage;  a festival that will travel the world of flamenco in all its mergers, from the most orthodox to the most innovative.

FESTIVAL FLAMENCO IBIZA  is a festival of music and art created by the cultural association «Ibiza World Connection platform whose mission is to connect the world’s cultures in one place , Ibiza, projecting from here to the rest of the world, born of this first project focused on the art of flamenco.

Flamenco is an artistic expression that is a merger of vocal music, the art of dance and the musical accompaniment, respectively called singing, dancing, and guitar. Now «Ibiza World Connection» in partnership with «LailoLolailo»,  these art lovers, included since 2010 in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (Lista Representative del Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la Humanidad) will enjoy as never before has been done from any location, declared a year earlier by the UNESCO World Heritage site for its cultural heritage and Biodiversity (UNESCO Patrimonio de la Humanidad por su patrimonio Cultural y su Biodiversidad) as Eivissa is. This recognition was granted by the Acropolis of Dalt Vila, where the festival takes place, in addition to the rich marine biodiversity of the Posidonia oceanic,  the Phoenician-Punic necropolis of Puig des Molins and the Phoenician settlement of Sa Caleta.


Big names on the line-up for the 1st FESTIVAL FLAMENCO IBIZA World Heritage;

Located in the Parque Reina Sofía, in Dalt Vila, it will be presented on August 15, 19 to 24h the first edition of FESTIVAL FLAMENCO IBIZA as an alternative musical entertainment for children, youth and adults, both natives and tourists, that will give to attendees a day full of music, dance, film and workshops, performances, dance, street theater and visuals where will shine big names in this artistic discipline. A line-up where art will be exhibited thanks to a wide lineup of artists through different fusion will offer a trip from its roots to the contemporary flamenco.


Jorge Pardo is a living legend of Flamenco, Jazz, and World Music, one of the great exponents of the fusion between flamenco and jazz and one of the figures of Spanish jazz most internationally. His style with the flute and saxophone has become a reference, model. The artist began his musical studies at age 14 in Real Conservatorio de Madrid. Then he started playing with musicians like Tete Montoliu, Lou Bennett, being introduced into the professional world of flamenco by Paco de Lucía.



Lin Cortés  – sextet – (Spain). Lin Cortés  is one of the most respected national artists and one of those examples of contemporary flamenco;  musician and singer who has worked with Enrique Morente,  Vicente Amigo,  Raimundo Amador,  Kiko Veneno,  Rosario Flores or Antonio Carmona in addition to international stars Howe Gelb or Buddy Miles, drummer of Jimi Hendrix.

Jaco Abel and his band “Flamenco Eléctrico Sextet” (Spain). Jaco Abel, pioneer in the introduction of the electric guitar in the world flamenco, giving a twist to this instrument on the international scene  as evidenced by the long list of names with whom he has worked as Estrella Morente,  Niña Pastori, Joaquín Cortes, Ketama, , Antonio Carmona, Javier Colina, Pata Negra, Farruquito or Pepe Habichuela among many others.

Jaco Abel, arrives at FESTIVAL FLAMENCO IBIZA with his band » Flamenco Eléctrico Sextet», in which he is accompanied by Luis Amador “Pata Negra” on percussion, Ibiza Matilde González “La Mati” the voice together with Enrique Piculabe, Julián Heredia  on electric bass and Irene “La Sentío” dancing.

Jaco Abel  and his band «Flamenco Eléctrico Sextet» offer a unique experience when up on stage combining traditional flamenco and modern sounds able to perplex the audience with their original sound and the energy transmitted in the direct intense.

Barba2 (Spain) are Joselín Vargas and Josué Ronkío. Joselín is a common percussionist since very young  on tours and recordings of big names like Camarón de la Isla, José Mercé, Enrique Morente, Ketama or Alejandro Sanz. Josué is a multi-instrumentalist who has worked with artists of the stature of Pastora Soler, Raimundo Amador, La Negra, Parrita among many others.

Gino & Jiri (Holanda). They are father and son guitarists. Now Jiri Taihuttu ( son)  is recognized as one of the greatest wonders of Flamenco in Netherlands.

Rounding out the day on August 15 sets by DJ Al Varo (Radio Babylonia) and  DJ Giuliano Mateo (Lailo Lolailo) with different performances, visual and dance and street theater.

The FESTIVAL FLAMENCO IBIZA will also include parallel activities during the days before the festival, on one hand Ibiza World Connection has organized a series of percussion workshops for different ages by Luís Amador as well as the documentary El Flamenco también es cosa de Niños. Documental, 2015. by Ivana Portolés del Val and directed by Enrique Jiménez ‘Furu’ and offers direct testimony how the art of flamenco is transmitted, learn and perpetuates from generation to generation. Artists from 2 to 16 years are the undisputed stars of this unique document, where, in addition to its admirable talent transcends its illusion to advance in a career.

With this large cast of performances and activities, completes this first edition of FESTIVAL FLAMENCO IBIZA World Heritage; where attendees will also enjoy gastronomic specialties and stands, to approach from all directions to all the pleasures surrounding the world of Flamenco from the heart of the island of Ibiza.


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Press Mail: Prensa@patcomunicaciones.com



Festival-de-Flamenco-ibiza-2015Flamenco, intangible cultural heritage.

UNESCO has included Flamenco in Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. The flamenco feeling that comes with any fan anywhere in the when a singer sings a soleá has the support of the major cultural institution that monitors the maintenance of culture and traditional values And flamenco has a lot of this.

Flamenco is the Guadalquivir of Andalusian culture, that identifies within and beyond our borders. It is present in our public and private parties. It is the heritage of our ancestors through the oldest tool of transmission of culture: orality. It’s cultural industry, economic engine, studied and tourist attraction. It is past, present and future, tradition and modernity and one of the richest and most complex cultural manifestations of the world. For all that, UNESCO has awarded its highest honor to the intangible culture.




Festival-de-Flamenco-ibiza-2015Eivissa / Ibiza World Heritage.

On December 4, 1999, UNESCO declared Ibiza, World Heritage Site, recognizing the universal dimension of some natural and historical values that for centuries they have characterized the Pitiusas Islands. Thus ended a long process of work, under the heading of “Ibiza, Biodiversity, and Culture”, claimed the global significance of some natural and cultural goods interrelated.

Authenticity, technical perfection, uniqueness and excellent state of preservation are the values recognized by Unesco to the assets of Ibiza, elements that the agency has praised for its preservation.

The inclusion of Ibiza in the list of World Heritage Properties implies an international prestige associated with criteria of uniqueness and universal value.





Festival-de-Flamenco-ibiza-2015Ibiza  World  Connection

is a cultural-music platform based in Ibiza (Balearic Islands, Spain) and Fortaleza (Brasil).

A music and art festival that connects world cultures in one place: Ibiza, and from there, it projected to the world.

Each presentation will be a thematic exhibition, about cultures, regions, and expressions, where the music will be the theme.

International acts concerning the World Music compartirán its art with national and local bands, artists will alternate with dance, performance, and DJs; in a framework of cultural shows, that will understood other aspects, as world cuisine, photography and art shows, Informational, cultural and social platforms stands from Eivissa, etc.



Festival-de-Flamenco-ibiza-2015Jaco Abel.

Gitano , autodidact, Jaco Abel is a guitarist, composer, music producer and recording and a lecturer in the E.S.E.M.-Taller de Músics de Barcelona. Especially recognized for being the pioneer in the introduction of the electric guitar in the world flamenco, giving a twist to this instrument on the international scene.  In 2011 he was a finalist in the Awards that critics awarded from National Spanish Flamenco and among his most recently featured events there is his participation in 2014 at the concert and documentary “GYPSY VOYAGES” in collaboration with the gypsies originating of Rajasthan and the Festival of Jodhpur in India.

From the Flamenco Gitano world and its roots, has worked with: Estrella Morente, Barbería del Sur, José «el Francés», Niña Pastori, Joaquín Cortes, Ketama, Barbería del Sur, Bernardo Parrilla, Antonio Carmona, Javier Colina, Pata Negra, Farruquito, Pepe Habichuela, Luis Amador, Diego del Morao, Guadiana, Carles Benavent, Tomatito, Niño Josele, Jorge Pardo, Chano Dominguez, Ramón “el Portugués”, Diego Amador, Enrique Piculabe, Antonio “Agujetas”, Jose “Salao”, etc…

From his musical adventures and journeys, has worked with jazz greats such as: Jimmy Smith, M’Shelle N’Dege O’Cello, Candy Dulfer, Tower of Power, Luis Salinas, Larry Harlow, Jimmy Cobb, Christian McBride, Terence Blanchard, Nicholas Payton, Bob Sheppard, Howard Johnson, Peter Erskine, Thijs van Leer, Jeff Ballard, Larry Harlow (Fania all Stars), Meddy Gerville, Jovino Santos Neto, Vince Mendoza, Jerry Gonzalez, Alex Acuña, Sammy Figueroa, Rabih Abou Khalil, Gino Vannelli, Omar Moctar Bambino, Mino Cinelu, etc…


Jaco Abel has also worked and collaborated with brands and international organizations: Dior, Loui Vuitton, Spanish Embassy, Instituto Cervantes, Holland and Bosnian Departments of Culture, Amnesty International, Spanish  Olympic  Commission, Endemol, Jimi Hendrix ,Foundation USA, Catalan Government Cultural Department, ATP International Tenis Organization, CSUN Jazz Band Los Angeles USA, Spanish National Swimming Federation, etc …





Festival-de-Flamenco-ibiza-2015Matilde González.

”La Mati”

Ibiza birth, the only singer on the island, with extensive experience on stage half the world in companies like Rafael Amargo, Joaquín Cortés, 08001 (formation of ethnic fusion of the Raval, Barcelona), Jorge Pardo (in whose last album she recorded a theme), Ojos de Brujo, Sonia Olla, José Maya, among others.

The female voice in this project, a voice that has been designated as the » Concha Buika of Ibiza.»




Festival-de-Flamenco-ibiza-2015Luis  Amador “Pata Negra”

Drummer and percussionist, eclectic musician, son and nephew of two of the greatest exponents of flamenco electric blues in Spain: Rafael and Raimundo Amador, peers and compadres of Camarón or Paco de Lucía, among other revolutionaries of flamenco with which he grew up. He began his career as a percussionist, accompanying the group «PATA NEGRA» with just 10 years, going to play drums at age 15.  At the age of 17 becomes the percussionist of Diego Amador accompanying him on numerous lives as well as the recording of the albums: Piano Jondo and Rio de los Canasteros.

He has worked in companies like Farruquito, Joaquín Cortés, Paloma Fantova, Chick Corea, Hiram Bullock, Jovino Santos Neto, Dave Holland, Luis Salinas, Ivan Lins, and Jorge Pardo among others…





Festival-de-Flamenco-ibiza-2015Enrique «El  Piculabe»      

The Madrid singer Enrique «El Piculabe»,  was born in 1981 in the neighborhood Pan Bendito and only 7 years already played several styles, ballads, pop and boleros. Later he joins with Juan José Suarez “El Paquete”, to sing for the Evangelist Church. Since then he has worked with various artists such as Tomatito or  Jesús del Rosario. He has also collaborated with other artists as “Haze” – artist who fuses hip-hop with flamenco roots -, or collaboration on the album Benditos Desvaríos, with the masters Agustín Carbonell “El Bola” and Jorge Pardo, where he put his voice on several songs of flamenco-jazz. With several albums on the market, «El Piculabe» remains one of the voices most wanted for the companies.








Festival-de-Flamenco-ibiza-2015Julián  Heredia.

Born in Granada, son of flamenco artists began his career at age 4 playing the cajón and at age 13 he became a bassist. Influenced by Carles Benavente, Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller, Diego Amador, Victor Wooten or Maka among others, Julián Heredia is a flamenco musician that mixes jazz, blues, funk, pop or rock with flamenco roots. Usually he works with artists such as Tomatito, Diego Amador, Bireli Lagrenne, Charlie Hadens, Raymundo Amador, Ray Gomez, Jorge Pardo, Jerry Gonzales, Jose «El Francés, Aurora Losada, Enrique Morente









Irene “La Sentío”.

Always attracted by the art of flamenco, she went into the dance from different artists such as Juana Amaya, Juan de los Reyes, Antonio Canales and especially the Farruco Family with which she is currently working.
In recent years, we have seen her performing on the show of Compañía Juan Manuel Fernández Montiya “Farruquito”, in addition to various Festivals and prestigious tablaos.




Festival-de-Flamenco-ibiza-2015 BARBA2.  Joselín Vargas y Josué Ronkío.

Joselín Vargas, from Madrid and son of Enrique Escudero great flamenco guitarist. At 17 he began to go on tour and recording with as many as Camarón de la Isla, José Mercé, Enrique Morente, Ketama, La barbería del Sur, Alejandro Sanz, Diego Torres, Ricky Martin, Pata Negra, Rocío Jurado, Rosario Flores, Lolita, Antonio Flores, Lenny Kravitz, Sara Baras, Vicente Amigo and etc. Joselín shares his role as instrumentalist with composer and lyricist, and some of his songs performed by various artists “Ese gitano bandolero” and “En una canasta” for Niña Pastori; “Quisiera” and “Que me dejen vivir” for Rosario Flores and super known single “En silencio” for the Makarines, among others. Josué Ronkío. Multi-instrumentalist musician and producer session. He began his musical journey at a Young age drinking from the sources of the Flamenco family he is coming (Fernández, La Unión). He has collaborated on film soundtracks and television. He has worked with artists of the stature of Pastora Soler, Raimundo Amador, La Negra, Parrita among others, sharing the stage with The Police, Estopa, and Chano Domínguez.






Festival-de-Flamenco-ibiza-2015Gino & Jiri.

Father and son and two guitars.

For generations, the Gino & Jiri Taihuttu have been dedicated to music. Actually Jiri is recognized as one of the greatest wonders of Flamenco in the Netherlands. Since he has 10 years old, he has been taught at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, part of a special class for young talents.

Jiri will release his first solo album this summer 2015. The energy given off by father and son acting together is magical and unforgettable.











Festival-de-Flamenco-ibiza-2015Lin  Cortés

Master of the fusion of styles and spearhead of new flamenco,  Lin Cortés is one of the most respected national artists.

He has collaborated with artists of the stature of Enrique Morente,  Vicente Amigo,  Raimundo Amador,  Kiko Veneno,  Rosario Flores o Antonio Carmona and international stars as Howe Gelb or Buddy Miles, Jimi Hendrix drummer.

He began his career as a musician and singer as soon as he started walking. He is the son and grandson of artists and nephew of singer ‘El Pele’, who helps in his dazzling first solo album: “Gipsy Evolution”. An album destined to revolutionize pop music scene planet, that mixes Brazilian sounds, flamenco, funk, soul and rock and in which have collaborated: Estrella Morente, Alba Molina, La Negra, Lya, Vicente Amigo, el Pele and Raimundo Amador.

His live is the representation of  lysergic versions of his own songs, in a brazen flirtation with special guests that usually appear by magic in his concerts and the amazing band that covers his shoulders, made of: Toni Romero (keyboards), David Bao (drums), José Marín (electric guitar) and Josué Ronkío (bass).




‘El Flamenco también es cosa de niños’  («Flamenco is also a children’s thing.)

 Friday 14 at 20.00 in the Club Diario de Ibiza. Free Entrance.

The documentary ‘El Flamenco también es cosa de niños’ Direct testimony of how the art of flamenco is transmitted, learned and perpetuated from generation to generation.
Artists from 2 to 16 years are the undisputed protagonists of this document only, where, in addition to its admirable talent transcends its illusion to advance in a career.
Original Idea: Ivana Portolés del Val.
Director: Enrique Jiménez ‘Furu’.
realization: Jesús Blanco

Ibiza Flamenco Festival with the NGO AMAVIDA Nepal / Calcutta


The NGO Amavida Nepal/Calcuta will have its information booth at the festival, in which can be donated lunars (Festival currency) that will go to fund reconstruction projects in villages affected by the earthquake in the first case and in the south of Calcutta with education and health projects for children and women.



Festival Flamenco IBIZA Patrimonio de la Humanidad
Sábado 15 de Agosto, 2015, 19 hs -24hs
Parque Reina Sofia, D’alt Vila, Eivissa.

Program :

  • Jorge Pardo ( Spain)
  •  Lin Cortés -sexteto- ( Spain)
  •  Jaco Abel & “Flamenco Eléctrico Sextet” Band  ( Spain) with: Luis Amador “Pata Negra”, Matilde González “La Mati”, Enrique Piculabe,  Julián Heredia & Irene “La Sentío”.
  • Barba2  with  Joselín Vargas and Josué Ronkío ( Spain)
  • Gino & Jiri ( Holland)
  • DJ Al Varo from Radio Babylonia and DJ Giuliano Mateo from Lailo Lolailo.
  • …performances, dance, street theater and visual from the Parque Reina Sofía in Dalt Vila.


early tickets ( pre-sale) 18€

Tickets in door 22 €.

Children 50% discount at the door.

Advance sales points:

  • Ibiza: Delta Discos
  • Santa Eulalia: Discos Holidays
  • San Carles: Pizzeria Enfarinarte
  • Es Canar: Mel de Magraneta
  • Santa Gertrudis: Musset
  • Sant Jordi: Es Raco Verd
  • Cala de Bou: Moskorra
  • Port des Torrent: Imagine