Formentera is the backdrop for the impacting ‘El Club de los Argonautas’ (The Argonauts Club), produced by the brothers Jordi, Marc and Pau Marí and directed and written by the Andalusian publicist and film director Álvaro Aguado, for the 70th anniversary of Hostal La Savina.


  • « El Club de los Argonautas « recounts the current tragedy that the Mediterranean people are experiencing through a story full of fraternity, kindness and solidarity as a reflection of the spirit of the people of Formentera.
  • Álvaro Aguado has received around twenty awards at national and international film and advertising festivals.


El Club de los Argonautas« is a film produced by Hostal La Savina and written and directed by the Andalusian publicist, scriptwriter and director Álvaro Aguado for the 70th anniversary of the establishment.

With the island of Formentera as a backdrop, » El Club de los Argonautas tells the story of a drug trafficker who finds an unconscious Arab child on the shore of a beach. The arrival of the police does not prevent the man from fleeing and taking the child with him in his boat. This is the beginning of a journey through the different corners of a Mediterranean island in which the selflessness and solidarity of its characters will be portrayed to the rhythm of the music.

«El Club de los Argonautas reflects the fraternity of the Formentera people with all the people who arrive on its coast. A way of looking at life that is enhanced by the stories that come from far beyond the island’s borders, always with fellowship, kindness and solidarity at its core. Regardless of its origin and social class, the short film depicts a way of looking at life; a way of understanding society in a transversal way and without looking the other way when faced with tragedies such as the one experienced by the thousands of people who risk their lives in the Mediterranean, escaping war and brutality.


Hostal La Savina, 70 years of history:

Hostal La Savina, is more than a family business. With 70 years’ experience, it is a reference and living history of the paradisiacal island of Formentera, so it is no wonder that it was the first tourist business on the island.   

Hostal La Savina, currently run by the fourth generation of the family, has been celebrating its seventieth anniversary throughout 2018 and will do so until the end of summer 2019. Among the range of musical events, activities and other surprises that the brothers Jordi and Pau Marí Mayans – its current managers – are preparing around this celebration, one of the highlights is the making of this short film.

Why “El Club de los Argonautas»? In 1958 the Frenchman Paul Lombard arrived in Formentera on his sailing boat from Algeria with two friends.

They loved the island and Fernando Laborey, one of the sailors, suggested that Vicente Mayans, the then owner of Hostal La Savina, create what would be the island’s first tour operator, which they named “ El Club de los Argonautas* «.

Under the only premise of collecting the altruistic, hospitable and caring nature of his great-grandmother on behalf of the society of Formentera, the producers of the film, Jordi Marí, Pau Marí and Marc Marí, gave their director, Álvaro Aguado, total freedom to create and tell the story. 

«We wanted to maintain the comparison through the name of the «Argonauts» given to those first tourists who came to the island in the 60s and the story told in the short film through that child who arrives, dying, on the island, and whose life is saved, thanks to the solidarity which characterises the people of Formentera. Hospitable, the island did all it could to help this story, just like would’ve happened with those Argonauts back in the day.”

 – explains Jordi Marí, manager of Hostal La Savina, and adds –

 «To celebrate this event” – referring to the 70th anniversary – “we didn’t want to make a typical ad, we wanted to take the opportunity to add and raise awareness and tell a story that made us reflect, told in this way, through a story that is unfortunately as timely as the inhumane tragedy being experienced in the coastal towns of the Mediterranean, our island’s history of solidarity, our family and our establishment.”

About the director:

(Seville, 1987) studied the dual degree of Film Directing and Performance for Film and TV at the Madrid Film Institute.

He is a publicist, screenwriter and director who has received around twenty awards at national and international film and advertising festivals. 

Among the awards that stand out are, among others, the Young Talent Award at Publifestival 2014 Por una vida más sencilla (Grupo Restalia), Ad of the Year Award at SmileFestival 2015 for Sé solo feo (Galisport); the Extraordinary Regional Government of Andalusia Seville Youth Media Award 2015 for his career; The Audience Award for Best Short Fiction Film at the Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival 2016 for Una sirena en la Ría; or the Ad of the Year Award at the Luxury Advertising Awards 2017 for El viaje de Lázaro (Mercedes-Benz) for which he was also awarded the Ad of the year at SmileFestival 2017 and was nominated for the Best Online Ad at the Sol 2017 awards.

He has created content for brands such as Smart or Inditex, among others.

For this short film, Álvaro Aguado had a team made up of Uriol de la Calle (Artistic Director), Carlos Hernández (Director of photography) , Álvaro D. Serrano (Production Manager), with Paula Yern and Juan González (Stills Photographers) and with a cast of actors with stand-out roles played by Uriol de la Calle, Manuel G. González,  Steven Hesse,  Miguel Ángel Riera, Rosma Mollá,  Antonio Poli and  Jorge Ramos,  and the collaboration of the musicians Raúl and Sergio Burguete,  Raúl Corredor, Clara Escandell and the DJ Anna Tur. The poster was designed by Jaime Abaurre.

«El Club de los Argonautas” will participate in several film festivals and competitions in the coming months.






















Hostal La Savina presents a short film by Álvaro Aguado: «El Club de los Argonautas”

Executive Producers: Jordi Marí , Pau Marí, Marc Marí

Written, Produced and Directed by: Álvaro Aguado
Production Manager: Álvaro D. Serrano
Associate Producer: Juan Mayans
Production Assistant: Tamara González

Director of Photography: Carlos Hernández
Art Director: Uriol de la Calle Pinós
Sound Editing: Pablo Baz
Set: Carlos Hernández
Drone Operator: Vicente Castellón
Stills photographers: Paula Yern, Juan González
FX: Pablo Sánchez
Poster Design: Jaime Abaurre

Cast in order of appearance:

Drug Trafficker: Uriol de la Calle
Child: Manuel G. González
Druid: Steven Hesse
Priest: Miguel Ángel Riera
Woman: Rosma Mollá
Javier: Antonio Poli
Mateo: Jorge Ramos

Anna: Anna Tur
Trumpet players: Raúl y Sergio Burguete
Guitarist: Raúl Corredor
Flautist: Clara Escandell