The new reference of Chaval Records brings as the only protagonist Víctor Santana. His new live takes the techno as way of the music as always and it´s accompanied of tints of house. This reference accompanies on an audio-visual work that shows the Victor’s live complete one which Radio3 (RTVE) released today exclusively on their website.


Go settling in front of the screen because Chaval Records presents a new recital with Victor Santana as the protagonist of this new blockbuster Madrid label. A visual and sonic taste of what is capable of driving on stage. Besides its intrinsic musical qualities, Santana excels in the techno scene because in times of digital lightness this producer from Madrid is still carrying his professional study to your town. No matter what kind of party should be encouraged. This time Víctor has decided to take up to your own home his new live techno. A good way to enjoy the technical deployment of a producer that also is tireless in favor of the virtues of live music fighter.


A video where you can see the Santana diving in to his sound as an experienced diver producer. A diver techno always noted for his skills on stage as you can see in this visual document produced by Juanito González and Ernesto de Nova produced by Static Eyes and filmed by David Echebarría (Steady Ready).


In this video you will find new tracks like the heavenly opening title Vector Wheels, an athem that reminds us a kind of  Good Life’s rework of Kevin Saunderson, which give way to Slide and Perfect Room, two of the tracks included in Different Connections EP (split half with Dj Skull appeared last fall in this same label); that follow three of the tracks that shape the new reference of Chaval Records, Analog State, Madrid and ADSR, all part of this Live; they give way to the enigmatic and cerebral Load Shift, to end with this nervous and bubbly epilogue title that is Break Down.

A straightforward, groovy, mechanical, invigorating and muscled live set. Pura vida on your screen.


LIVE EP (Chaval Records 13)

Live act video comes as a bonus track of Chaval Records thirteen reference  including four new tracks between techno and house. The Life is what you’ll see in the video that accompanies this reference and where you can hear some of the courts of this new installment of the Madrid label. Life is what happens while we hear very big techno.


Destination Zero
For those who like to live in and night. Techno night without concessions sampler vigorous choppy vocal house track seeking allies. Sounds like a house of the first half of the 90. But with a single destination. And it’s just vital.



This ADSR sounds epic and sumptuous in some sections where the synth has special importance until it melts in bubbles sinuous rhythm. The initials of a rate that promises to never end. As life. You can enjoy this vigorous track from video at 29.30 min.



As Victor did with Carabanchel’s quarter last May in a split EP with Orlando Voorn called Livernois Avenue EP, Victor Santana this time devotes a vivid tribute to the city that has seen him grow and mature: Madrid, of course. But this time Madrid sounds like Detroit, of course. You can enjoy it at 23 minutes of live act video.


Analog State

Analog State track begins with a round and martial bass that gives way to a groove as playful as persistent. Martians arrangements also for a track that in some sections sound a  beat that reminds american electro of the 80s that gives way to an arpeggiated moment. But rather than describe this track you can enjoy yourself in the video sampler from 16 minute.