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Decoded a new announcement from #ReverseWorld which disseminates the first results obtained by the aliens after watching thousands of humans concentrated for a total of 140 hours dancing more than 2000 tracks played by the 40 Djs recruited in 10 «musical invasions.»

Confirms that to finish the «mission» the #Rebbies will need 2 more #UFOsightings  which will take place on August 27 and September 3, and include Steve Lawler, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Dosem  and Luna City Express.

A new #MGGroup announcement arrives, the group of experts in paranormal and musical phenomena from Madrid moved to the Balearic, which announces a new message coming from #ReverseWolrd about the «Peaceful Invasion» of Ibiza. Experts confirm that this invasion of «musical character» reaches the end of this season, decoding two dates: August 27 and September 3.

Since the first images of a #UFO flying nearby Privilege Ibiza came to light in April, #alienships have been #Sighted full of strange blue creatures who respond to the name of #Rebbies landing on the club to carry out – as confirmed in previous announcements – a study on the effects and benefits of electronic music and techno on humans.

#MGGroup publishes a serie of analytical data encrypted in the message and – according to experts – are the same #Rebbies who ask to make ​​this data public among earthlings.

The message states that since the mission began officially on June 18, 10 weeks later on the land, in which Wednesday after Wednesday, many of their ships have landed on the following coordinates 38.98, 1.43 that belongs to the island of Ibiza.

The message explains that during these 10 #UFOsightings they have focused his fieldwork to observe for a total of 140 hours on the land «thousands of earthlings dancing in the 2 pre-selected venues for this action: Vista Club and Blue Vista, refered to, by the same human – state the aliens- the biggest club of their world: the planet earth. »

It explains that to achieve this they have recruited over 40 music experts that answer in human language to the name of «DJs» and that the chosen ones have been the most recognized in the field by  the earthlings. The total list of recruited ones included in this message are artists like Vitalic, 2manydjs, Uner, Carlo Lio, Technasia Dosem, Marco Bailey, Pleasurekraft, Pachanga Boys, Pional Paul Darey, Andrea Oliva, Karretero, Mambo Brothers, Victor Santana, Oscar Ferocë, Sasha Carassi,   Iban Mendoza and Sleepy & Boo. In addition to a lot of names of local artists recruited to play at the Vista Blue.

The message explains that these #Djs have been able to play a total of 210 songs per night and therefore in the study they analyze the human reactions to a total of 2100 tracks played.

Aliens explain that the study, at the point in which it is located, has led to the following preliminary analytical results:

– On the call, humans react in mass «with states of euphoria» above persuasive strategies of what they call «marketing and promotion» and consists in  spreading the coordinates and especially the names of the DJs called for each session.

–          Humans have a huge «sense of satisfaction» when they purchase the «passes» with which, payment in advance, they can access the areas where the “BIG PARTIES”, as they denominate it,  happen.

–          When decoding some of the names of the DJs, some humans feel over stimulated by the information and they are able to attend the call travelling great distances around their planet and using different types of ships (land, air or sea).

–          The humans perform certain rituals of «beautification» before arriving at the specific coordinates of the party.

–          They often arrive «in groups» that meet certain emotional ties, not necessarily blood, called «friendship». But they have seen human go and dance alone and couples of humans united by sentimental ties.

–          When  arriving to «the dance floor» they have observed a variety of possible emotions: tingling, anxiety, thrill, excitement, disappointment, …

–          Music influences them from the first sound emitted until the end of the last song of the session and the 90% of the effects that cause them are of a positive nature. They go from middle states of euphoria and happiness to so altered euphoria and happiness states that the effect it has on humans are similar to their sexual pleasure.

–           Music has positive direct effects on their health: good music heals the soul and relieves the bad emotions of humans.

–          The DJ is the responsable for the selection and reproduction of music. Some produce it themselves, others use other DJs productions. They use special machines to play it and use complex sound amplification systems that directly influence humans assembled dancing on the dance floor.

–          The Djs connect by a complex system of telepathy with the «clubbers» – as they call the humans who dance in this kind of dance floor «- and they are able to understand their emotions and to accompany them and lead to these states of happiness.

–          The DJ also feels those same states of happiness being the guide in this kind of musical rituals.

In the rest of the announcement they confirm that they will make 2 «invasions more» to finish defining their study. The first will be on August Wednesday 27  and will feature DJs Steve Lawler, Luna City Express, Gonçalo or Karretero among others.

And the second one will be on SEPTEMBER  Wednesday 3  with con Fritz Kalbrener,  Technasia, Dosem, Marco Yanes, Karreteroo  Paul Darey

At the end of the announcement they encourage all earthlings to attend without fear to those announced dates, to have the opportunity to be part of what can already be confirmed, as the most «peaceful alien experiment» in the history of the humanity.


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