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We celebrate the arrival of Red Panda Music; Barcelona DNA label created by Carla Agulló which gives its go-ahead to the September 25 with “Temporary Bliss” EP (RPM01) produced by the Latvian band Oriola 701 with remixes by David Douglas and Stillhead.


The news of a new label is always great news. Therefore we are proud to present the first release of Barcelona’s new label, Red Panda Music, created by Carla Agulló. RPM01 is called “Temporary Bliss”, EP arising from the emotional and evocative electronic music of the Latvia band Oriola 701.

 The combo settled in Riga formed by Andrew ‘Les’ Leskovsky, Gerri Pavloff, Paul Melamed and Vital Drozdov,  aka Oriola 701,  has been an active member in the music scene in Latvia during the past 15 years having travelled around the world with their characteristic live sets. For this EP, Oriola 701 has created «Temporary» y » Bliss», two subtle vocal pieces that will bring happy and sad memories, both dreamy but strong, and both in time hypnotic.

Channelling the Nordic style of electronic through the house and techno beat styles, the original works «Bliss» and «Temporary» by Oriola 701 are complemented with a remix of house by David Douglas and downtempo remix-meets-drum & bass by the original artist from Latvia, Scotsman Stillhead.

The quartet invited two artists to bring something intimate and personal to one of its two tracks: «Bliss». While the touch of David gives a more upbeat generating a new flow to the track’s Groove, Stillhead version makes it an evocative landscape downtempo.

While we wait to buy it this Friday, September 25, vinyl and mp3, here’s the soundcloud with 4 cuts of this unprecedented “Temporary Bliss” EP (RPM01) with this particular family of Red Pandas opens for business, with the sole mission to make you happy.


Artist: Oriola 701   | Title: Temporary Bliss EP

Release Date: 25 September de 2015.


  • Bliss (original mix)
  • Temporary (original mix)
  • Bliss (David Douglas remix)
  • Bliss (Stillhead remix)

+ About RPM01 artists


            Oriola 701 is an electronic music quartet from Latvia active for more than 15 years. The band was formerly known as Oriola. Their first official release dates back to July of 2005 when ‘Welder Girl’ EP was pressed on vinyl by Amber Muse Records.

Original duo of Andrew ‘Les’ Leskovsky and Vital Drozdov became a quartet in April 2012 when Gerri Pavloff and Paul Melamed joined to form Oriola 701. The name is a reference to an asteroid in the solar system discovered by Joseph Helffrich in 1910.


Since 2012 Oriola 701 has performed a number of shows, known for live performances and an eclectic dance style. In late 2013, the band’s remix was featured on Taran and Lomov’s ‘Sex und Liebe’ EP released on UK’s Manchester Underground Music. 2014 brought two original digital releases: ‘Magical Mystical’ EP on Swedish Oh! Records label featuring a remix by The Timewriter (Jean F. Cochois) and ‘Computer Hope’ EP on Amber Muse Records, including remixes by Phonetica and Pincer Movement (Simon Mills and Stephen Porter). The band’s newest ‘Temporary Bliss’ EP features two original tracks as well as remixes by David Douglas and Stillhead (Alex Cowles) and is scheduled to come out both in digital format and on vinyl in the summer of 2015 on Barcelona-based Red Panda Music.

       Oriola 701 _ TEMPORARY BLISS EP  

   David Douglas David Douglas is a Dutch electronica producer. He released on 2012 his debut EP “Royal Horticultural Society” and released his debut album ‘Moon Observations’. ’Moon Observations’ got incredible support from Pitchfork, BBC Music, BULLET, i-D Magazine, Vice, Electronic Beats, THUMP, 3voor12, XLR8R and many more. David combines his work as a musician with his important work as video director.

     Stillhead (previously DFRNT) is Alex Cowles, music producer, DJ and designer. Alex directs the record labels Brightest Dark Place and Cut, about deep electronic music.  He is the producer of the popular series of podcasts Insight, where has the best deep and dub with electronic influences ranging from house to drum & bass, or downtempo dub-techno and writes his own blog Sitting Ovation.



 Find out a little + about Red Panda

¿ Who we are?

We are the Red Pandas. A happy family always willing to grow who will release awesome music in shiny vinyl and mp3 formats. Our aim is to publish new fresh talent and support it with remixes by some our favourite artists. What do we want to release? Anything electronic that makes us jump from our chair.

¿ Who formed this Red Panda TEAM?

  • Carla Agulló: label founder, is responsible for strategy and it is the A & R.

Carla used to run a label called Omicron Records where she published music from artists like Dosem, Sistema, Dave Tarrida or Dennis deSantis as well as other artists. After a year out of the music business she has decided to come back wiser and bolder with a new label and fresh ideas. ! Applause for the head!

  • Arnau Tàsies: his strong point, graphic design.

Working in a different range of media, from print to motion and websites, he is in charge of the label’s branding and image. ! We just love his designs!

  • JM Cagigal Soler: Web programmer

Josep Maria is a web developer currently studying website application development at Escola del Treball, Barcelona. Our website is in his possession!

  • Nil Bartolozzi: the artist of the family.

An established artist and painter, he has exposed in several art galleries, and lends his talent to Red Panda’s record covers.!His is art!

  • Pat Quinteiro: the communication girl.

Pat is the captain of PAT Comunicaciones, a recognized news agency and communication specializing in events and cultural projects, especially related to electronic music. !She will tell you all with love!

¿ What we are going to present?

Any electronic rhythm that makes us jump from the chair.

Red Panda artists

Besides the quartet Oriola 701 and producer Stillhead presented above, under the umbrella of Red Panda Music we also find the following artists:



  • Xols ,is the musical alias for Carla Agulló.

Some years ago she had another project called Black I.C.E. where she released in labels such as Suara, Factor City or Espai Music and played in many venues like Nitsa, Moog, Bar25, Becool as well as on Klubbers Festival. Now she wants to offer way better music with her solo project.

  • MDinsens, aka DJ MD or what is the same Ivan Stoyanov, Born in 1987 in Bulgaria and that despite his youth has many releases, all full of sounds funky, deep & soulful house.







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