Yelmo Cines becomes then the most accessible national exhibitor for people with visual and hearing disabilities.

 !Enjoy the cinema experience is already a reality for all cinema lovers!




The company Yelmo Cines leads the film industry in Spain, not only because of its 400 screens located throughout the state, but for being a pioneer in the use of technology for the comfort of its customers introducing advanced projection and sound systems making all rooms in Yelmo Cines to offer a great spectacularity and a first order leisure experience.


Yelmo Cines has been the first to  digitize in the 100×100 of the rooms all the projection systems; the first to project alternative content such as music, opera, dance and live ballet, with HD technology and through satellite; the first to offer total visibility in all the rooms by standby arrangement and now it is also the leading exhibitor in rooms of «accessible cinema», allowing people with visual or hearing impairment, enjoy thanks to technology Whatscine of the cinema experience through its Smartphone or tablet.


With this new possibility Yelmo Cines promotes inclusion, shared leisure and access to culture for all equal, without interfering with the viewing of the film for the rest of viewers, allowing:


  • People with visual disabilities to listen to the audio description of the film
  • People with hearing impairment follow the captioning or sign language in its Smartphone or tablet.


Further being a multilingual application, allows the foreign population enjoy this experience thanks to the subtitles in their native language.


¿What is Whatscine?

Whatscine is a simple and free application recently created by researchers of the University Carlos III de Madrid that supposes and important advanced in the integration of the people with audiovisual disabilities because it allows enjoying the cinema like any other viewer, removing barriers such as the need to go always accompanied.

Such application – users should download it on the Smartphone or tablet before entering in the cinema- is connected to the system Wi-Fi of the room  allowing you to receive the chosen system (audio or subtitles) on your mobile device or tablet.

Whatscine could also be applied in clear vision goggles, in the case that the customer has them and in which the subtitles or the Spanish language signs are projected simultaneously.

All information necessary for usability and enjoy the Accessible rooms of Yelmo Cines.

Accessible titles.

Through the downloading http://www.yelmocines.es/peliculas-accesibles Yelmo provides users seeking accessible films as fast as possible. This direction is also visible from Mobile, clicking on the menu of yelmocines.es.

Furthermore, they can be easily recognized on the undercard to be marked with this logo


List of Yelmo adapted on the 100×100 of the rooms:

  • Yelmo Cines BOULEVARD
  • Yelmo Cines ICARIA
  • Yelmo Cines IDEAL
  • Yelmo Cines ISLAZUL
  • Yelmo Cines LOS PRADOS
  • Yelmo Cines LOS ROSALES
  • Yelmo Cines OCIMAX
  • Yelmo Cines PARC CENTRAL
  • Yelmo Cines PLANETOCIO
  • Yelmo Cines PLENILUNIO
  • Yelmo Cines PTA. ALICANTE
  • Yelmo Cines PZA. MAYOR
  • Yelmo Cines PZA. NORTE 2
  • Yelmo Cines SANT CUGAT
  • Yelmo Cines CAMPANAR
  • Yelmo Cines VIALIA (MÁLAGA)
  • Yelmo Cines IMAGINALIA
  • Yelmo Cines MEGAPARK
  • Yelmo Cines ESPACIO CORUÑA
  • Yelmo TRES AGUAS.



¿How does it work?

The following Manual Accessibility describes the simple steps for the use of Whatscine in the halls of the 21 adapted cinemas Yelmo.

Link http://www.yelmocines.es/newsletter/pdf/Accesibilidad.pdf


Upcoming releases:

Prominent among recent titles already been enjoying via Whatscine films such as “The Hobbit”, “Mortadelo y Filemón contra Jimmy el Cachondo” or “La Isla Mínima”.

The upcoming arrives today Friday, June 26 with «San Andrés» by US director Brad Peyton (“La Isla Misteriosa”), starring by Dwayme Johnson (“Fast and Furious 6”). A blockbuster that is reaching the accessible rooms of Yelmo after raising 53,2 millions of dollars during its first week of release in cinemas in US and Canada. Rurthermore you can still enjoy in some cinemas ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ also accessible.


YELMO CINES – www.yelmocines.es